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SE is Special Edition

SE was the indication for Special Edition on documents from the dealer, but there are no letters added to the outside of the vehicle.

I didnít know about the double charge until I received the VISA bill and I can not just underpay VISA. I had to notify VISA and they told me to contact the retailer so that the retailer would correct the double charge. VISA also told me to begin to document any interaction with the retailer for future evidence in the event that it was not fixed. I followed the directions, the retailer refused, so now I have gone down this path.
I just couldn't give up on my 1995 E320.

I think it might be like always going back to that same bad relationship with an ex girlfriend.
You feel you love them too much, or you are just too stupid to know any better.

Flickr slideshow of my 1995 E320
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