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smoke coming from the 500E

Alright, so I drove the 500E from pittsburgh to baltimore this weekend. After driving about 2 hours straight with the windows up, AC on, and going between 65-75mph on average and hitting up to 85 when passing, i hit the first toll boothe. I was at the booth when i noticed smoke starting to come up from under my car and a smell to it.

I don't know how to explain the smell, it didn't smell electrical, if anything it smelt like burnt rubber or warm brakes. That could have been what I was smelling, but smoke was coming from underneath the chassis. It was coming from the middle section underneath the car. I don't know the names of everything to explain to you guys.

The engine was running hot, i'd say around 105C, the aux fans were on high. The smoke coming from underneath the car was extremely warm, just laying next to the car i was breaking a sweat, it was extremely hot.

It was white smoke, nothing harsh looking. There was alot of condensation underneath the car.

The smoke seemed like it was coming from around where the exhaust pipe is run. It was seeping from a little bit of everywhere.

Was something too hot and boiling? Any ideas? Thanks guys.
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