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Morning all. Very helpfull BBS you have here, I've spent the last 5 evenings reading through the archives, and I must say, I'm impressed. This is my first post and I'm asking all the members for advice on the purchase of a '91 300E, specifically any problems they are known for. Here is some info on the car I have my eye on;
150K Km,
auto trans,
power everything
1 owner, w/MB sevice records,
No accidents, rust, dents or scratches,
Blk leather interior - mint condition,

I checked the exterior & interior for 90 minutes and test drove it for anouther 60, all I could find wrong were the following 2 items; cracked headlight lens & rear left speaker N/S - both will be fixed by the dealer. I'm not familiar with the W124 chassis and I'm afraid I may have missed something, any quiks & qurks I should know about/look for?
Dealer says the engine is a 3.0L (IL 6 SOHC) with 200+ HP, but all I've found on the 'net says this engine is only 177HP, could somebody clarify this also?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated (excuse the spelling)

Cheers for now.
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