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duke, still doesn't get it.

though it is true that most methane-fueled engines are constant speed, constant load[driving compressors, generators, pumps], the instance that i cited involved transit bus prime movers.

similar to an automotive application but even more demanding.

i could go further in detailing how an engine manufacturer goes about selecting original equipment components. suffice it to say, i have found that virtually no engine manufacturers have specs and/or qualifying protocols for electrical ignition components. contrast this with the specs and qualifying protocols for compression ignition components which are detailed and written.

lastly, concerning splitfire. you link that to a "guy". if a "guy"is a corporation i guess that will work. but the autolite operations of allied-signal corp manufactured them. and they were marketed by the same outfit that markets prestone anti-freeze. if this is a "guy", i am napoleon.

beam me up scotty.
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