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I have been down this road. Try the synthetic gear oil and see what happens.. I dont think any oil will undo all that wear and tear. The bearings do go bad on those things, and any improper repair will accelarate the weak parts. After I screwed up my existing diff by repalcing the seals and over torquing the front seal/flange nut(the torq spec in the CD was for a new crush sleeve that separates the bearings on the pinion), I tryed a used one. For under $200 it works but it is noisy.

Save some time and headache and get a rebuilt one. Its easy to put in.

Pat Leber
83,84,85.5 Porsche 944
MB 190E

Originally posted by 190 azzurro:
My car (190E 2.3 Avantgarde), has a slight whine in the differential when letting off the pedal and then just touching it. All minor parts inside has been changed, but the sound is more or less still there. Now a new diff or a used one costs a lot, so I just wondered if there is something more I could do? Is there a special good oil or something that would help? Please help, the sound drives me nuts!!!

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