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this is going to sound like heresy, but I think just about any oil would be ok in our diesels if it's changed every 3000 miles. I have to imagine that most oils out there now are probably better or just as good as the oils that were around 20 years ago, so we're feeding our cars (well, feeding is the wrong word because our cars shouldn't be ingesting oil) oil that is of a higher quality than the engineers of the car for us to use.

and I'm inclined to agree with Greg. changing the oil at 3000 with dino grade diesel oil is probably just as good or better than having extended drain intervals with synthetic.

I'm trying out the Amsoil for several reasons. First, it's mail order, and I don't have access to auto parts stores in NYC. Second, my car lives on the street most of the time and it's difficult changing oil often on a manhattan street. Lastly, I had some extra pocket change to and wanted to see what the hype is about regarding synthetics. I just hope this doesn't spring any oil leaks.
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