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Here's a toughie....(long story)...and the answer is......

'93 600sel, 200,000km on clock. A few weeks ago I had an issue where the car in the middle of a trip started to flood, I got the car to the clients, shut down, went back out later in the day, no start. Replaced sparks, car ran fine for a couple of weeks. Then on the Monday am trip to the client, in approx the same area, car did the same...surge, bog, surge, run rich. I got to a service area, shut down, the vapours in the exhaust caught fire out the tailpipe, rear bumper damage. Floated the car to the dealership, diagnosis... MAF on the right side (replaced). Got car back, headed back to the client, not quite as far this time, same issue... surge, bog, surge... float the car back to the dealer...diagnosis MAF on the left side (replaced). Got car back, worked around town, car does same again...float to dealer...diagnosis left ECU, replaced, Got car back, put about 500 highway miles on, same issue last night (Saturday). Fortunately I was close to dealer, car is now at dealer, no float this time.

Gentlemen....What could possibly cause the car to go to such a rich condition without tripping the MIL light? What would cause such a condition even after the 2 MAFs and 1 ECU were replaced?

The issue has typically manifested itself after at least an hour on the road at freeway speeds..( I do very little city driving)

I know that the service manager will be pulling his hair out on this one when he sees my car in the morning. Any suggestions will help, thanx in advance,

93 sl600
93 600sel

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