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inspect your vehicle

Just thought I would add this. Two weeks ago, my tenant and myself installed a car alarm/auto start kit in my 94E320 (the local kids had helped themselves to two star belt buckles during the month of april). Anyways, during the work, my tenant says I'm missing a bolt on one of the engine mounts.

I've owned this car from July last year. Never noticed anything unusual. But it is obviously been out for a little while. It is also obvious that the mounts have been replaced (clean and shiny) probably just prior to me purchasing this benz.

So moral...check your reverse hold down mount if you have had them changed in the last little while. It is difficult to tighten due to lack of space, and you really do not want to be holding the engine in with just one.

Just a thought for all.


PS my tenant is registered mechanic, not mercedes specific, but picked this item at a quick glance. My hat's off to him.
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