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94/95 124, is a lot of car for the $$$

This tail end of 124 production got the royal treatment from Benz..
Just look at the new features this model got over the earlier 124 sedans ...
Face lift that keeps them from looking aged [ looks like the later .90s C , but bigger].Euro style lights [ glass w/H4s], nice 8 hole wheels, etc...
Nice leather/interior , 134a a/c , HFM-SFI, var cam timing, var air ram , distribless ignition, 1st gears start, 2:65 differential [ gotta love that one ], ASR [ no big deal there ], good diagnostic abilities
[ obd1] that is easily accessed for DIYer [ last of flash code], Great breathing 104 eng w/217 HP-- these are not dogs for a 6, and the 104 will easily go 250K..

You know the faults, but a gasket and harness later and these are a solid, well made, comfortable mid size that will bring you
good transportation at an economy price..
You can find them for much less that the replacement 210, and I think they were better built ......
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