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Too high control voltage on ACC?

My blower had an occasional squeal when I got the car, then went intermittent, then completely stopped working. Before it stopped working I had variable speed, indicating the regulator was functioning.
I pulled the fan out yesterday to lube the bearings and replace the brushes. Then I got sidetracked trying to grease the windshield wiper gearbox. (separate post)

The brushes were ok, but since I had ordered a set, I installed them (not like you can pick up a pair at 7-11). I lubed the bearings, and reinstalled the fan. The fan seemed stiff, even after lubing. It will not freely spin and stops immediately after removing my finger. I do not know if this is normal.
Started the car and the fan was blowing. It ran for at least 5 minutes, then I started pushing different buttons on the ACC. The fan stopped. No combination of buttons will restart it.
I pulled out the meter, and checked voltage on the firewall. Had battery voltage at the red wire. On the yellow, it is 1+ volt on low speed, 3+ on auto, but measures 10+ volts on high. Most of the posts here indicate 7+v is the upper limit.

Is this indicative of a faulty ACC? Or does it sound like the regulator is toast? Lastly, should the fan freely spin?
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