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if i may, i'd like to ride on this thread as well

though my problem does not involve the 2-3 slipping.

My tranny is slipping in the 3-4th gear range. I have had my auto box overhauled november of last year. I have changed my planetary gearset as the gears where spent after my car stopped moving after making a U-turn and engaging from R to D.

At first it was ok, then recently it started... the shift from 3-4th would require me to ease of my pedal so that it could catch the gear otherwise the engine would race (revs high without actually having the corresponding forwards movement as if you are stepped on the clutch momentarily). This happens only on teh 3rd-4th gear shifting and happens for about 2-3 seconds then the gear catches on. Though I havent checked my ATF level (hopefully this is the cause), what other things should i look at?

I'm afraid to find out if there is a bigger problem as i do not want to get my tranny rebuilt again.

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