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Thanks for the replies to my reply to Agron80<g>.

Agron80, there are scads of manual transmission 210's in Europe. I was sort of looking for one and considering trying to get it back to the US. I have been solicited by someone who swears that they can get it in and get it registered for me. But, Steve Brotherton, I believe it was, made a comment from wisdom, saying that they get ragged out on the Autobahn. I now believe that even more than when he said it. Also, the rust problem could show up later unless you got a very new one.

Mike, I promise to change oil occasionally<g>. Actually, since I've learned more about the technology involved with this engine, I plan to use Mobil One and change it every five or six K miles. The problem with the blasted thing is the FSS light coming on. A friend of mine is an MB Tech at the dealer where I bought it. So I will have noone but him do whatever work I don't do myself. He warned me that these cars just don't lend themselves to the home mechanic doing much to them. They don't even have a dipstick. We'll see how it all works out.


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