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Again thanks for your reply, but the reality is I am addressing the a/c - fan area. The vehicle appears to be running too warm at low rpms with the air on. The wire that I am confused on is the ground leg of the relay that connects to the pressure sensor of the a/c system. My schematics show it as a direct lead with no branches.

I will attempt to clarify. Yesterday I retested the lead (removed the relay, disconnected the pressure switch and checked continuity between the ends) with an ohm meter and got different results. It almost appears to have a capacitor between the circuit. I get an initial surge of current (resistance peaks low at 200+ ohms) and then goes to open in less than a second. What is still bothering me is that the wire colours do not match the schematic. The ground leg of the green relay uses a brown/grey leg, but the terminating end at the pressure switch uses a brown/blue lead. The lead from the pressure switch is brown/grey (connected to the br/bl stated earlier). I'm wondering if there is another branch from this wire to another circuit, but even that doesn't make sense as the wire is isolated at the two ends I'm testing and therefore there is no route for the current I'm applying with the voltmeter to "leak out".

Its getting more complicated than it should for just a single wire lead!

Again thanks for all your help. You have been most helpful in the past and now.


PS. I re-read your message and glimmered that both relays use a br-gy ground lead from the relay and maybe the relays are reversed....dah! Re-investigating now. Thanks

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