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Randy L
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C220 Repair Manual & Brake Job

Hello All,
I've nearly exhausted my search on the internet for a repair manual for my 1996 C220. I like to do most of the minor repairs myself and want to do the same for my Benz. The scope of my repairs/maintenance will be brake jobs, belt replacements, shocks/struts, cooling system, tuneups, and other relatively minor stuff.
Any help where I can locate a manual would be appreciated.
Also, when changing brake pads on the C220 disc brakes, do the wear sensors have to be replaced as well? I always do the brakes on my other 2 cars, but since MB is a finely tuned and built machine, there may be some things I'm not familiar with. Is there something unique about the C220 brakes that I should know before I attempt to do them? I'll be taking the rotors off and getting them turned as well. I might as well change the bearings while I'm in there.
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