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Thanks Doc!

I followed up my earlier post with a call to my local MBZ retailer. Turns out that there's an even bigger alternator (90 amp) that's supposed to be a bolt-on: MBZ P/N 009 154 02 02. Should also require the same wiring modification, specifically soldering the early-design 2 smaller (+) wires together to mate to a single ring terminal. Otherwise the bigger alternator seemed to have all the same design parameters as the 80 amp. We'll see when it gets here tomorrow.

FWIW there's also an even bigger alternator, 110 amp, that should bolt up (it's specified for a '95 E320) but it does also specify a different V belt be utilized. Since the M103 and M104 engines used different V-belts, and there was only a P/N for the alternate belt on the M104 application, I decided to settle for the 90 amp.

Now, can anyone give me advice on how to remove the V-belt? The bolt that holds the tensioner in place looks pretty tough to get to - any tricks?

I'll advise as to how the install goes.
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