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The following codes were identified this morning

LH2SFI 010 CTP (idle) recognition from EA, CC, ISC
constantly grounded

These were the codes that came up on the last attempt at repair.
On the last repair attempt, the tech also swapped the ECUs side to side to try and isolate the fault. When the tech swapped the ECU, the 010 fault followed to the other side of the engine, leading the tech to believe the ECU was faulty. Now the new ECU is exhibiting this fault.
As I indicated earlier in the thread, there were no codes after a week of driving, but there is now.
THe car acted up on Saturday night at about 1130pm. The shop cleaner moved the car Sunday morning at 6 am and the car ran fine....the car ran fine this morning when it was moved into the shop.
ANy suggestions/directions/hints would be greatly appreciated, thanx in advance

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93 600sel

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