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I need Mechanical help with 2.6L engine for a 1993 190e

Two questions:
I pulled the cylinderhead for a rebuild job out of my 93 190e with 2.6L engine. Everything went smooth except three things:

1) how do you get the threaded ring in the tensioner assembly?

2) When I removed the cylinderhaed bolts, there were no washers between them and the head. Is this right or there should be washers!

3) while getting the pressed pin that holds the timing chain guide rail, I broke the plastic guide. I believe I need to remove the lower timing cover to get to it. Do I need to remove everything in the front of the engine including the Vibration dampner to get to it?

Any advice would be appreciated.

PS. I will post pictures of the work that I did after the car is up and running to help other members.
1993 190E 2.6
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