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not a long shot.

you would be astonished at what is out there.

i have been mapping this stuff in my area for many years.

unbeknownst to most, there are a lot of secret antenna arrays and if you drive near them, with an unshielded engine management computer, you might find your engine shutting down. inexplicably.

this is one of the reasons that i refrained from acquiring more computer-oriented vehicles. needless to say, after i acquired my 1997 w140c i began to get a picture of rfi/emi sources in the texas countryside.

there is a lot of secret stuff out there. and the power of them is such that they can glitch a vehicle's computer. and unless you are driving that route routinely, and experiencing that problem routinely, you might never guess what is the source of your problem.

but if it happens all the time, in the same area only, the vehicle is not to blame. go complain to the mod.
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