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My Apologies

If I have ever made STATEMENTS that your problem is most certainly a particular part and that part should be replaced, without suggesting a method of testing that part or troubleshooting the subsystem, I apologize.

I try to offer suggestions for TESTING something before replacing it. Other times I may suggest that a common cause of a particular problem might be.

I may have violated the above statement in the past when it is something that I have seen multiple times.

What makes me post this is that I have seen some posts where it was STATED that a particular part should be replaced because that was the cause of those symptoms when that person experienced the same problem. If this statement is coming from one of the pros it is worth listening to, otherwise beware.

There are some things that I get pretty fixated on such as clogged underhood drains on 123 cars causing water in the rear floorboard. If I have made flat statements that clogged drains are the only thing that could cause this I apologize. There are other things that can cause this, I am merely trying to point out that it is simple to clear the drains and there is a HUGE liklihood that this is the problem.

It really wears me out to read postings where someone insists that a particular part should be changed without testing, checking, inspecting or evaluating before blindly replacing a part. Unfortunately there are times when shotgun troubleshooting is necessary, but to insist on replacing a particular part because that is what caused the problem for them is a little over the top IMHO.

There are times when enough troubleshooting information is given to allow the experienced pros to say for sure where the problem lies. There are many other times when the problem could be a wide variety of pieces in the particular subsystem being repaired.

SOOoooo...... if I have ever done this before I apologize. I hope others will refrain from this practice along with me.

Have a nice day,
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