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Tod Labrie
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rough running 3ooTDT (w/126K on it)

Thanks for all the responses. The shop is actually in Maryland. They simply said that five out of six glow plugs were not "working", that accounted for a rough idle. It had been idling poorly for about a month. The shop thinks that the lack of all six plugs working upon start-up subjected the engine to higher-than-normal compression and may have bent the rods (?). I was in mD last week and checked the air filter myself. I was expecting the filter and the box to be "jammed" with debris for it to be running that poorly. The air filter (surprisingly) was dirty but FAR FROM completely plugged. They said they also changed both fuel filters, the in-line fuel filter looked a little dirty. Hmmmm. As of today, the car runs much better at idle (never was a problem on the highway-still isn't) but it still puts out a lot of smoke at idle, more than it ever did. The engine only has 126K on it.
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