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Recently, I noticed (while installing a new battery) the aux fan connector located under the battery tray and was not connected. It appears to have been left disconnected for some time because the male connectors were oxidized.

I re-connected the aux fan, and about a week later, the charge indicator light started to give faint glow visible only at night. I re-tested the alternator and it is fine (recently installed new regulator). Soon the charge light would come on and glow brightly for a few moments and go back out. Now, it stays on all the time and gets brighter as the RPMs increase. The battery still has a good charge and the car still starts every time, just like it used to....

Could the aux fan been disconnected because the PO noticed this 'short' and was too lazy or cheap to fix the problem? Would an electrical problem in the aux fan cause this problem? I haven't disconnected the fan connection yet because I was waiting to see if the problem was the battery. Also, the AC drier/reciever is frozen on this car, so I really never had need to use the aux fan... the temp has only gone above 105C once in the past 5 years. I want to get the AC fixed so I will need the aux fan to be operational... right?

Thanks for the help

76 240D (W115) - 550K miles
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