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It's interesting that this thought concept also occurred to other members. The 2nd time the issue happened, I started looking for cell sites, transmitter sites, airport and weather radar. In the area that it happened there are none of the above within a distance that might cause concern. The other consideration is that the last 2 times the issue happened, I was not in the same area, nor near any of the above. I was not using the integral phone nor my handheld digital at any one of these times. But yes that same concept flashed thru my mind. (I'm into shortwave and all that stuff).

What seems to be consistant is the amount of time that the car was running since the last startup until the issue manifests itself again and that is probably why it happened in the same area (roughly) the first three times. The amount of time is approximately 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours after startup, and with no shutdown in between the startup and the issue.

I spoke to the service rep this morning and the tech is doing the ground fault/wire harness investigation thing before doing any more substitution. There was some thought about the throttle actuator, but they want to make sure about grounds and wires first.

I had suggested the issue of the wire harness on the other occasions, but apparently this dealership hasn't come across this harness problem before and at this point doesn't see it as a likely item. Maybe that will change after the tech does his thing.

I have had a long term relationship with this dealer and have always been treated fair and professionally by all of their staff. As frustrating as this issue is for me, I do want to give the techs and service staff ample opportunity to sort this out. I know that they are unhappy that they haven't been able to solve the issue as yet.

Mike, I would appreciate the harness part number and I will give it to the service rep.

Thanx for the support and the suggestions, I will post as news comes available.

PS, the dealer GM was driving by his lot when we pulled in Sat night (1130 pm), before we could call a cab, he has opened the dealership and compound, and has given us a new demo to keep us going.. what more could you ask for?

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