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BAS/ASR Light & Cruise Control Help Needed

Originally posted by Tony1628
My check engine light came on, so I disconnected the battery cable. Now the check engine light is off, but the ABS and BAS/ASR
come on.
Very similar problem in my '99 C280, but all the previous posts seem to be for earlier model cars. The BAS/ASR light comes on at random occasions and when it does, the cruise control doesn't work either. Nor does the ASR defeat switch. In checking the brake switch, one of the contacts inside it looked like it had been arching so I sanded them both smooth and put electrical grease on them. The light went off for a day and now it's back on.

Another post suggested brake dust buildup around the wheel sensors might cause a problem (???). I checked all my 10 amp fuses (per the suggestion of another post) and found nothing unusual. There didn't seem to be any fuses labeled "ASR," "BAS," "Cruise" or anything like that under the hood or in the trunk. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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