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hesitation in park

Ok, I've read almost all of the posts about this sort of topic and cannot find a match. Here's the problem... When my 1986 300e is in park, and i rev the engine very slowly (slowly depress the gas pedal) the engine acts like it's going to stall, this continues until the pedal reaches about the 3000 rpm point, then the car purrs. This problem is less prominent when moving. At a stop sign I seem only able to produce a jerky start instead of a smooth one. This problem occured after I took the car to the dealer for a 5 minute fix (starting problem). Is this a mixture problem- can I adjust?

Ok here's some data:
I'm replacing the flex disks very soon (on order)
Car runs fine on highway use
replacing brake pads and rotors soon (any recommendations)
Only use 93 octane gas
will replace plugs/cap/rotor soon - should I replace coils?
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