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Congrats on your new purchase! I put a deposit on a c240 earlier this summer and it finally came in last week. I hope this is not a sign of dealer nightmares to come but it came in with an extra package option. I only wanted the C2 package and 5spd auto in 693 desert silver. The car came with the options above plus the $3000+ sport package! Beleive me I wanted the car that came in but was unwilling to pay the extra dough! The dealer did not budge on price, so we re-ordered the car and hopefully will be here within the month. At first they said christmas but quickly called me back with the better answer.

I did drive the c320 while I was there and was amazed with the power! That car would burn the wind! It was Amethyst with every option but the phone package. Um,$42,000+!

Anyway, have fun and I would like to see more drivers and owners come forward to share their experiences! Thanks!

98' s70 (still for sale!)
98' Explorer limited (new Michelins!)
83' Wagoneer (213k)
01' c240 (this month?)
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