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Interesting combination. But if you wanted an automatic anyway, why did you not go with the C320. They are saying that if they get enough Six Speed interest that they will offer it in the 320 as well. If they do, I may be sick later.

I needed a car very quickly because everything I have seemed to break at the same time. My wife kept telling me that I should get a new car. I remember tougher times when she had to talk me out of buying a new car.

I had to decide between the compromise color and option combination of the C240 that I bought, and an SLK230 Kompressor that was in inventory. I felt that the V6 is a better engine, but that takes the price to $44K. I had to stop somewhere with the price running up. The idea was a stripper C240 at $30K, then I had to settle on the optioned out car for $34K. The SLK would be $40K and with the engine I wanted $44K. I had to stop somewhere on the price creep scale. My daughter was extremely disappointed that I did not show up in an SLK.

My original thought was that I could upgrade the standard suspension later with the Sport sway bars. I did this to my 300E with great success. After further investigation I have found that the Sport has stiffer springs, but the same sway bars. I will hesitate before changing springs. Maybe there will be aftermarket sway bars soon. The body roll on the standard suspension was noticable the first time I drove it, but the second time I suppose I had gotten accustomed to it.

I hope this car does not turn out to be a lemon like my '96 E Class.

Larry Bible
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