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Larry, as you probably realize, I am going thru an issue with my 600sel.

As a big boy, like the rest of the membership, when I have an issue, I relate, to the best of my ability, the perceived symptoms that are present and hope that someone like yourself will offer up some potential suggestions based on their experience.

I know that those suggestions are exactly that, based only on the information and explanation that I have provided.

As SPOCK outlined previously, these suggestions are somewhere else to look for a potential solution to the problem at hand. These suggestions are potential solutions that may not have occured to a neophyte like myself.

It is unreasonable for an individual to expect 100% diagnosis from a distance by someone who does not have anything tangible to work with, other than the requesting party's perception and description of the problem.

Please keep the info and suggestions flowing...
Long live Delo..

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