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I did not make myself clear. I was also considering an SLK, which with V6 is $44K. The C240 with 6 Speed starts at $30K and you could option it to about $38K. The C320 could probably be optioned to about $43K.

Sorry for the confusion.

I found out today that it did not get released to the truckers today. This is very worrisome. In '96 when I ordered a new E Class, it got held up at the port for awhile. I did not discover until after it was out of warranty that it had been damaged. I could not trade it, everyone did not believe me when I told them that it had never been wrecked since I owned it. It had to have been damaged at the port and repaired. I am afraid that this is the same thing all over. If it does not ship in a day or two, I will be going over this car extremely closely to check for damage, I don't want to relive that nightmare.

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