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190E/2.6/Lost power while driving


I have a 190E 2.6 with 127K miles on it. Today while accelarating to merge into traffic on I93, the car sputtered, lost power, and failed on me. All the dash lights came on and a puff of white smoke came shot up behind me. Tried starting it back up and it would turn over, a poping sound would come from the rear of it but it would not start. Eventually had it towed to a inde shop who is going to take a look at it tomorrow.

After searching the forum, the fuel pump seems to be the likely suspect but I am not sure and would love to hear your ideas about what could be causing this.

FYI, I changed the oil (10WD-40) and swapped out the motor mounts this past Saturday. And, on Friday, had to clean the idle control valve and lubed it with WD40 to correct a realllyyy high idle problem that reared its ugly head then. Oh, and added a K&N filter to replace the OEM.

Any Ideas?

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