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Thank you Sixto for your tips. I have a 17mm hex and it did the job easily.
I have proceeded with removing parts from the front of car. what a job.
Parts removed so far:
Bumper, radiator, fan clutch, fan clutch pulley, bracket hoding the fan clutch, power steering pulley, crankshaft pulley, alternator, air pump, and waiting on a special MB tool that holds the flywheel from moving ($136.00) so I can loosen the vibration damper bolt. So, pretty much everything in the front including the cylinder head that was dropped off in the machine shop to have the guides, stem seals, springs, 3 angle valve job, ..etc done. I plan to change the oil pan gasket too and replace both transmission cooling lines after noticing a fluid on tranny both, timing cahin and tensioner. All that because of a broken small plastic timing chain guide. I guess I'll know I won't have anymore oil leaks. I will have pictures of before and after I am done with the car.
Thanks again Sixto
1993 190E 2.6
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