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Because the headlamp assembly for all W124's including 500E's are NOT designed for the "arc" light of a HID, you're only getting about 45% efficiency.

Moroever, unless you ONLY want the 500E's pencil-beam, you will LOSE your H4 highbeams, unless there is a HID kit that does both HIGH and LOW beams.

IMHO, you will get better performance and lighting if you do the following in order:

1) Get Hella or BOSCH Euro 500E headlamps (contact Paul at Puma- );

2) install headlamp relays using 10-ga. wire ( ) along with Hella ceramic hi-temp H4 connectors ;

3) upgrade to OSRAM or Narva Rallye H4 bulbs (130/100);

4) upgrade your H3 pencil-beams to relays & 10-ga. wire and 80W or 100W bulbs ( );

5) upgrade your alternator from a 1997+ S500 or SL500 (150-amps!) with a 2-ga. wire from the alternator to the battery;

6) install a relay to activate LOW beams as well as HIGH, and PENCIL beams.

Assuming stock bulbs, with item #6, you're putting out 340-watts of light;

With 130/100w H4's and 80w H3's, 620-watts of power, NOT including your FOGS!

:-) neil
1988 360TE AMG
1993 500E
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