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It has the double row. From indicated records, it was changed about 145,000 pampered miles ago (over a period of 14 years), @ 55xxx. If it should have been changed before now, please tell me. I have only had this car for 5000 miles (9 months), and have slowly gone through the maintenance records, which are about 85% complete (I only noticed a few gaps).

How much is it for a timing chain to be replaced? Any estimates? My indie gave the estimate of $700 to fix it, chain, guides, and tensioner (with labor @ $55 an hour). Is that a reasonable estimate?

Also, how much to do the valve seals? My indie just quoted me $400 or so for everything.

Again, thank you very much for your input.

PS: I was just told that TC's need to be changed every 150k-160k miles. Is that also correct?
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