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It's been about 6 months since I last posted here, I caught a BMW bug and have been spending alot of time getting my 535i and 325is up to snuff...

My 280se sat for about a month due to it's very poor running condition, even after I put a new fuel pump, filter, modulator, regulator, injectors, ignition module, plugs exhuast, o2sensor, etc and it progressively got worse. Turns out the fuel pump that I saved a few dollars on (philfer brand or something like that) had already given up, and I replaced it last week with a bosch and the car is running better again but not like a benz should. I am not sure why the first pump died after only a couple of months, there is no prepump that I can tell...

Anyway, I am back at trying to get this car perfect, I love having a 5 spd stick in this car, and I installed a 600 watt sound system that will knock your socks off. But even with only 102k on the clock (original miles) I am faced with what to do with this M110.989 engine. Should I find a wrecked 380se and swap the engine? Is this a bolt in and can I keep my 5spd? I always thought the k-jetronic was a simple beast to tune, but I have been proven wrong....
Maybe I should just sell the car and look elsewhere? Any insight and opinion is appreciated.

Tom Johnson
Dallas Texas

Ps: Does anyone have a front bumper and right side filler and headlight? When I took my 280 out for a test, a female backed up on a ramp and dinged me. Those bumpers are really flimsy!
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