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'87 260E (175k). Electrical gremlins sprouting--a couple of nights ago started car--outside temp gauge did not work. Having read about problems in this forum, I thought oh well something else not to work but after restart it worked fine. Second problem, yesterday I started car and fan control did not work on any setting. I shut car down and restarted, still no go--after I put it in gear it sounded as though starter briefly engaged with a loud screeching noise but happened only once. After getting home and putting car in park it happened again and I shut the car off and looked for a blown fuse to get the fan working again. After searching all fuses, I restarted car and fan worked fine and so far after 4 starts and driving about 25 miles, the screeching noise did not return. Does anybody have any idea what's going on--otherwise car runs fine and all electrical seems to work ok for time being.

Jerry O
1987 260E 175k miles
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