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Hello Group,
Well....My climate control started out with a minor problem, not blowing air from the floor vents on heat..Well....Yesterday, was our first cool day..I pull out of the parking garage at work and decided to fiddle with the climate control. I pushed the "off" switch, then pushed the "econ" mode. No fan. I waited....No fan....Turned the dial toward cool, and when the thermostat made the familiar "click" the fan came on high..Tried it again and it did the same thing. This morning it was 46 degrees and it didn't come on at all..Now prior to this, the "cold engine delay" did not work. In the heat mode the fan would come blasting on as soon as the car started. This morning was nothing, not even when turning the dial from heat to cool..Now if I push the "defrost" button I get full fan..Is this the failure of the pushbutton thing in the dash? My car is a 1984 300SD.....Another
wierd thing, everyone on here says the inside temp sensor is on the
dash..Mine is on the ceiling above the rear view mirror...Thanks for any
direction anyone can help with...My prior car was the 79 300SD so I had to
learn the hard way on that one!
John. Austin TX..
PS, how much $$ is the pushbutton part if that is the problem??? Thanks

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