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They'll sell you "air" if you're gullable

Stopped by Larry's Discount (sells mufflers and wheels/tires) here in Waipahu,Hawaii earlier this week and asked them about a set of rims they had on display for my 86' 300E.

The size they had were 18X8 (or 8.5 - salesman didn't know, nor did he know the offset). I told them that that size wouldn't work on my car and they were insistent that it would. They were a bunch of @ssholes treating me as if I didn't know what I was talking about. They kept saying "we put these rims on a car like yours w/o any problems".

When I inquired about smaller wheels (16 or 17) they said "I don't know of anyone who makes them that size anymore". (They carry lots of 18" and larger rims, although I'm sure they buy those at a discounted price...probably the ones other shops can't sell)

I snapped back at them telling them that AMG and Lorinsers makes 17". They must have thought I was clueless about upgrades for my car.

If you live in Hawaii, don't buy anything from these dumb@ss. They'll sell you "air" if you're gullable.
1986 Gold 300E 4Dr automatic
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