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first wave of 95 S420 questions

A few things don't work or aren't right in the new-to-me 95 S420. Comments and suggestion are much appreciated.

1) driver's headrest, passenger's headrest and drivers seat bottom rearmost segment don't go up and down in respose to the switches. I can hear motors turning in all cases

2) left rear passenger door doesn't have closing assist function

3) shift gate is lifted in front and doesn't illuminate

4) dome light doesn't fade after closing the doors. It just goes off. Should it fade like 126 dome lights?

5) what's the English name of interior color 65 as in 265?

6) how do I know if this car has ASD (320s only?) or ASR?

95 S420
91 300SE
87 300SDL
83 300SD
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