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Shuddering brakes but not all the time?

86 560sl-205kmiles

Lately on intermdiate to hard brake, sometimes I get shuddering all the way through the pedal and the steering wheel-shakes pretty good too. Weird thing is, it will do it a couple of times in a row then brake smooth and quiet with no shudder a time or two then shudder some more. Seems to be no rhyme or reason. And I'm a grownup so I'm driving it nice and easy.

Last week I had the tires rotated and the brakes checked. According to a brake shop, there was still plenty of meat on the rotors and the pads were ok for awhile.

What does that sound like? Out of balance tires? ABS sensor?Ball joints? (steering is good and true) Something else maybe?


J. Boggs
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