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Question Problem with my 560 SEC- KE Jetronic

Hi! I have been facing this problem of excessive exhaust after running the car for about 10/15 Kms. stall the car for 5/10 mins. start again and she's finf for another 10/15 Kms. I have tried 3 things to rectify the problem. 1) disconnect the ECU - problem persists. 2) change the pressure regulator - problem persists and 3) disconnect the thermo-time switch. improvement in that, the car ran 10 Kms extra before the problem resurfaced.
Now, I am suspecting the Differential Pressure REgulators in the Fuel Distributor, but since the prat is very expensive and difficult to obtain in India, i cannot try that out. I kindly request to all those who have experienced this before to share their knowledge and guide me with further tests that I should carry out. Thank you.
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