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Arrow 1973 450 SEL Exhaust Leak Help

Hello all~

I have an exhaust leak on my 1973 450 SEL. It is coming from between the manifold and the 3rd port from the header. The upper bolt was sheared during the replacement of the manifold. Because there is no upper bolt holding that down, a leak has developed.

I would like to fix this. To do this, I have to remove the sheared bolt but this is my problem:

How do I remove this bolt without potentially causing more harm? Do I drill and try to remove the bolt? Should I remove the head first? Should I try lifting the motor and drill that way? This is on the driver's side and the 3rd port's clearence is about 3 - 4 inches.

Would it be easier to have a shop do this? How much would it cost?

I have all the tools but time and patience aren't my friends.

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