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spark plug question

hello to all
i change my plugs with the factory specs i have driven the car
1500 miles since i change them today i decided to do a plug reading plugs are still white excep for very minute brownish tint
at the tip of the porcelin. when i check pin 3 at x11 somedays it reads 43 to 54% fluctuating then there are days like today it reads of scale on my fluke 88automotive meter and no matter
which way i turn the mixture screw it won't change but i
can make the car run rought or smooth as i play with the mixture screw. items that were change 6 months ago
idle control solenoid
fuel distributor+eha valve
fuel filter
ovp relay.
also at time when i turn the car on for the firts few seconds the car runs rought like if it was choking or running on 5 cylinders
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