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I just recently had my 1976 230 go in to my shop to replace the head gasket (which subsequently didn't need replacing upon further inspection)
When I got the car back, saying the problem wasin the carb, he messed with my extremely annoying Stromberg Carb, making it unable to drive above 30 mph plus it backfires.

I proceeded to take it to a guy that knows Mercedes (he was trained on them in Hong Kong around 1975)

He has adjusted the air fuel mixture, changed the plugs, repaired the choke, checked the timing, and now we're in the process of replacing the ignition relay as part of the training manual he has in his shop.

All I know is that other than a sputter at idle and some initial smoke, the car was driving o.k. before, now I can't get it going at all.

Any ideas ?

Please help, I love my MB but I'm at my wits' end with this car !!!

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