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Curses! My car is still in the shop! It's been almost a month now since the original gasket job. The Mercedes mechanic says that in order to follow procedure to fix the car, he must repalce the ignition relay (001-542-25-19) it costs $245 and comes from Germany special order! He says that he's checked the carb and the mixture is fine, the diaphragm is fine, it's just the timing that needs fixing and he can't do that properly until he relaced this part.

Does this make sense?

I'm worried that I'm spending good money after bad!

Subsequently, I've set up an appointment at the dealership is two weeks, should this problem continue.

Also, the transmission has started to leak, so, I'll have to get him to check it before he starts the engine (it was almost empty of ATF when I last checked it in his garage)

Ohhhh ! @#%^&*(*& !!!!
I just want my car back !!!


1976 230
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