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Jim! just got your fax - Thank You. Are special weird looking Warp Engine style fixing tools needed to remove and/or re-install Display unit? In the Diagram you sent, it appears that the wire has a connector at the halfway point in the Engine Compartment If you look at the part from the parts shop pic library, it appears to be one piece. I don't think the dealership would have had the brass ones to charge me two hours to put in just the first leg(14 on diagram) as I could have done that in 10 minutes with just a pen knife for a tool.

fad! You know I was just pulling your chain on the guard duty thing with my OEM rims Thanks for the edu on the EPC - is our car EPC available for viewing on line anywhere?

jsmith - thank you for the price estimates - if it is about the same new as used, I'll get it from the Parts shop here.

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