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89 300TE, 165K with the ubiquitous seeping head gasket .... I can't take it any more ...

So last night I open a Grolsch and grab my manuals to see what's involved with a cylinder head removal/replacement. Hmmmm... Looks very straightforward to an accomplished DIY-er like me - except for two steps:

(1) Prior to removing the head (top cover removed), there is a step to use a MB impact widget to remove the pin holding the timing chain guide rail ... what is the experience of the group getting this on/off - is the Mercedes tool a 'must have'?

(2) When re-installing the top cover (camshaft cover to you and me), the instructions call for a centering guide/pin when re-installing the outer cover with seal (the large circular one) ... again, should I spring for this widget, or can the seal/cover be centered/installed without it.

Many many thanks in advance for any responses - this looks really straightforward otherwise ...

89 300TE 165K
84 733i 5speed 135K
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