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I own a 98 ML320 with 32K miles and it has been in the dealer so many times I've lost count. Transmission leak, failed driver's seat adjustment, defective odometer LED, vibration problems (not solved by replacing all 4 tires which they said were out of round, and alarm problems. The worse thing is the vehicle occasionally locks up and will not move. After letting it sit for a few minutes, it works fine and the dealer has been unable to detect the problem much less solve it. As one who buys cars and keeps them for 10 years or more, I am painfully aware that I will be forced to sell my ML 320 when the warranty runs out in 18K more miles...I simply will not be able to afford the repairs! I was a MB advocate before I purchased this vehicle. I own a 83 300D with 160K miles and a 99 E300 with 23K miles. The ML has been a tremendous disappointment and has seriously shaken my faith in MB. I would not recommend the ML series to anyone!
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