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Although you inquired about the ML320, I would pass on to you my experience with a 1999 ML430. 2 years and 24K miles have been relatively painless with the only problem ahving been a fuel sensor float replaced twice. There have been no other mechanical problems, no rattles. It starts and runs very well, and get about 17mpg in mixed driving. From my friends at MB, 1998 was a bad year with the known rattles and mechanical problems. But to MB credit, they recognized and fixed pretty well the problems reported by the dealers. Aside from being a gas guzzler, I have been very happy with the "truck". It would be a great vehicle with a turbodiesel engine.
Originally posted by Sasfied:
Thinking of buying a ML320 but with all the talk of reliability problems have not pursued. What is the group's experience with this model. Is it as bad as Consumers Reports would lead you to believe? What problems have you had?

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