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Originally posted by Mike Richards
- Remove resistor from spark plug.

- Resistor is about 3"-4" long - metal.

- At the end of the resistor where it connects to the spark plug wire, you'll see a small runner piece that can be folded down towards the resistor.

- Once that folds down, you should be able to simply unscrew the resistor from the plug wire. Loosen counter-clockwise. It's that simple.

Some may be a bit more stubborn. Steve Brotherton wrote about this a ways back - forget when - about a year or more ago.
Hi Mike,

I'm trying to remove the resistor tips on my 300 TE. I've studied the resistor tip but couldn't find this small runner piece that folds down that you mentioned. Can you tell me exactly where it is and how it looks like? I've tried to loosen the resistor by turning it counter-clockwise. It turns counter-clockwise but I can't remove the resistor from the black rubber that it's attached to the end of the wires.

The reason I'm trying to remove this resistor tip is bec. I have high gas consumption. If you have time, maybe you can see my recent post High Gas Consumption by ako.


92 300 TE 115K miles
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