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I'm not positive I will actually receive my new C Class because it has gotten hung up at the port and not released to the trucker. I am worried that it has been damaged and is awaiting repair. If this is the case, I will not accept the car.

In the case that I actually do get the car, the mileage at which the first oil change will be made, and the Mobil One used will be determined by: A) The mileage on the car at delivery plus B) the number of miles to get it home which will add about 125 to the mileage determined in step A). I will drain the oil hot, replace the filter and fill it up with Mobil One. After that point, I plan to change every 5K or so, maybe longer. I don't expect to ever see the FSS light come on because of it determining that it is oil change time.

Yes I am still the same old oil change FANATIC!

Good luck,
Change oil hot and change oil often,

Larry Bible
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