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I need some opinoins on a 500SE

Ok guys [and gals], I need help. I just got back from the show date for my local charity auction. Me being the Mercedes nut, I found a 1984 500SE with exactly 150,000 miles on it. It is a pretty bare-bones s class. Cloth interior, roll down rear windows, etc. It looks like new though.

Some problems: I couldn't get the blower to kick on. Is this going to be a major repair? The passenger side window won't roll down. It makes noise, no movement though. There is a slight whistle on acceleration. Is this something to be concerned about? The radio antenna won't go up all the way.

I am S-Class dumb. Is the 500SE a good car? It started right up, idled nicely, braked strong. There is no visible rust. It does have some ugly generic hubcaps that if I was to buy this sucker tomorrow, would be replaced with at least MB hubcaps. What should I look out for? Please give me as much info as you can before I go to the auction tomorrow. How can I tell if it US-Spec? The bumpers were pretty close to the body and the cruise was in german, but the speedo was mph.
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